Required Application Information

Before you submit your online application, make sure you have all the following data on hand as the system will request it:


  1. Company Name

  2. Contact Name

  3. Position:

  4. Contact email:

  5. Investment Description

  6. EPC Contractor or Primary Vendor

  7. Project Location

  8. Sector of Activity

  9. Date of incorporation

  10. Loan Currency

  11. Loan Amount:

  12. Project Type- (RE, EE, Mini-rid)

  13. Source of Deal- (How did you hear about SUNREF?)

  14. Preferred bank to apply for the SUNREF loan facility? (select all that apply)

  15. If already working with a representative at Access Bank or UBA regarding this                         application, state the name and contact.

  16. Which banks does the loan applicant currently hold accounts with and for what duration?

  17. Number of Years with bank acct.

  18. Project timetable / Status & preparedness


For Energy Efficient Projects:


EE investment type

•          % of Expansion

•          Energy Savings

•          Expected annual emissions reductions of greenhouse gas

•          Anual Energy Savings in $

•          Payback Period for EE


For Renewable Energy Projects:


RE project Type

•          Type and origin of biomass

•          Installed capacity (MW)

•          Annual energy production (kWh)

•          Value of the annual energy production in Naira (NGN)/year

•          Expected annual emissions reductions of greenhouse gas (tons of CO2/year) 


Other Additional Information

  • Other savings and benefits of the project

  • Project 15Y IRR

  • Financing Plan File

  • Technical Application File

  • Other Files



You will also need to have ready your technical and financial application files that you will upload with your application.