Energy Efficiency

Customized approach to energy efficiency investments


Much of the equipment used in companies is old and inefficient, which is detrimental to their competitiveness. New green equipment and technologies would reduce companies’ energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency, while providing productivity gains.   

Energy Efficiency projects are capital expenditure projects that allow energy consumers to use less energy for achieving the same level of energy service. It is possible to distinguish three different categories of Energy Efficiency investments that are eligible:
  1. Retrofitting of existing installations:

    Investments leading to 20% energy savings with 50% overall project IRR attributable to such energy efficiency gains;

  2. Modification of processes with production capacity expansion:

    May lead to an increase of overall energy consumption, but also generating energy savings. Energy Efficiency investments that also increase production capacity are eligible provided that they lead to 20% energy savings and that 50% of the overall project IRR is attributable to such energy efficiency gains;

  3. Greenfield Projects:

    For example, new production facilities or buildings. These will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis, should they implement the best available technologies recognized internationally for environmental protection and energy consumption.

More specifically, the following investments (non-exhaustive) are eligible:

•    On site co-generation/tri-generation of heat/electricity/cold;

•    Rehabilitation of boilers;

•    Replacement of existing heating systems;

•    Process improvements;

•    Rehabilitation of steam distribution systems;

•    Installation of heat recovery from processes;

•    Installation of Variable Speed Drives on selected electric motors;

•    Rehabilitation of compressed air systems;

•    Implementation of Energy/Building Management Systems;

•    Energy-saving measures in the built environment (insulation, lighting, control devices, material       replacement, etc.…).