Environmental & Social Documentation Requirements 

The borrowers are required to submit following documents along with their loan application:

Categorization of the environmental and social risk 

  • The borrowers to carried out categorization of project as per AFD environmental and social risk management policy;

  • The projects to be categorized under High, Substantial, Moderate and Low Risk projects;

  • Partner Banks to finalize the categorization in consultation with AFD 

Detailed Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) 

  • The borrowers to carry out detailed ESA for High, Substantial and Moderate Risks category projects;

  • The ESA to be validated prior to the financing approval;

  • No ESA required for low risk projects;

  • ESA to be part of borrower’s contract agreement 


Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)

  • ESMP to be prepared by borrowers;

  • ESMP to include all positive and negative impacts associated with the proposed project along with suggestive mitigation plan;

  • ESMP to be part of borrower’s contract agreement 


Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)

  • In the event of an involuntary physical and/or economic displacement, the ESMP to be complemented with a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP);

  • RAP to be part of borrower’s contract agreement 


Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP)

  • For High, Substantial and Moderate Risks category projects the ESA to be complemented with an ESCP;

  • The ESCP to set out briefly, the measures and actions required for the project to comply with the environmental and social performance targets as required by AFD;

  • The ESCP to also provide the details about the sources of financing for the implementation of the measures defined;

  • The ESCP to be finalized prior to the financing approval and to be part of borrower’s contract agreement.


Details of Stakeholder Consultations

  • For High and Substantial risk projects, a free, prior and informed consultation with the people potentially affected by the project, due to environmental and social issues to be conducted and well documented in ESA; 


Environmental Health and Safety Plan (EHS Plan) 

  • The borrowers to prepare and submit EHS Plan prepared in accordance with the World Bank Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines (EHSG). 

Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM)

  • For projects categorized as High and Substantial risks, the borrowers are required to set up and fund a grievance redress mechanism with adequate resources;

  • The GRM to be widely advertised, in appropriate languages and forms, and be easily accessible to potentially affected people. 


Compliance report with the environmental and social standards 

  • For ongoing projects – Compliance report with regards to National and Local environmental and social standards required to be submitted;

  • For new projects - the above-mentioned documents (as mentioned from serial No i to viii) are required to be submitted.